Building & infrastructure Stainless steel for bridges and infrastructure

Bridge projects are in a class of their own – just like Outokumpu stainless steel. Marked by harsh environments, heavy lifetime usage and high aesthetic expectations, bridges demand special considerations upfront if they’re to go the distance.

Stainless steel offers exceptional strength without the weight. Corrosion resistant, it stands up to salt air, chemicals and pollution. Because it needs no protective coating, maintenance schedules are greatly reduced. And because of the material’s inherent beauty, a highly functional bridge built from stainless is also visually appealing.

Another plus? Stainless steel is fully recyclable; most grades use nearly 90% recycled steel content. Outokumpu is the most sustainable supplier of stainless steel for the most sustainable solutions.

Benefits of using stainless steel in bridges and infrastructure


  • Bridges, dams, tunnels and foundations
  • Structural and decorative elements
  • Reinforcing concrete


  • Exceptional corrosion resistance for maintenance-free longevity
  • Excellent fabrication properties from Forta, Core and Ultra ranges in sheet and plate, quarto plate and rebar
  • Forta duplex stainless steel for high strength and reduced weight


  • Excellent project and delivery capabilities enable efficient construction
  • Prefabrication of components

  • Supply of “kit of parts”, ready for assembly

  • Grades tailored to specific needs

  • Grade selection advice and laboratory and field testing
  • Highly specialized service centers for customized needs


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